Bunnies what are you doing?


You might not be super strong like he is, but you’re no slouch. The assistance isn’t without some appreciation though, as it’s a pain to move with someone on you. Quickly, the message is received he has zero interest in your ability to be a good host. For him, attention is all he’s seeking, and you’re more than happy to give it to him.

Your head tilts up to continue kissing him while pressing into his touch. Leaving it sitting idly, you hand rests on his leg. There’s confidence on your part you’ll be able to control the situation as much as you need to to keep it from progressing too quickly. The other half of you isn’t so sure of this, and is taking bets amongst himself as to whether you’ll succeed. Even though your mouth responds to his, you seemingly express no urgency, tongue seeking his languidly. You let a low purr start up, hoping it’ll encourage him further, since his chief complaint is you seem to never express desire to proceed.

His attention being on you is really the best way he could play good host to you right now. That’s all you need. That and him being a willing participant in this current make out session. Two for two, DS’s hosting abilities are just the best there is. You’d recommend it to others, but no, you’re not going to do that. 

He reciprocates without pushing, keeping the pace slow and sweet, and it does help you relax some, your racing heart slowing to a steady beat, though maybe still a bit faster than normal. What can you say? You really enjoy the thrill of his touch, his warmth soaking into you. You stroke your fingers through his hair, rubbing gently at his scalp, squirming just a bit to feel the weight of his hand on your thigh. His tongue slides against your own, smooth and hot, and you make a soft, content sound, responding to his purring with little chirps.

Encouraged, you take a small lead in gliding your own tongue into DS’s mouth, smoothing over his hard palate, tracing over the sharp points of his teeth. You draw back, exhaling softly, just to affectionately bump noses, a smile tugging at your lips and a purr rumbling softly in your chest. You lean in again, brushing your lips over and over again, then playfully giving his bottom lip a little bite, tugging it gently between your teeth, letting it slip free, and smoothing the tip of your tongue over it as if to soothe any sting. You draw back and you look (try to) meet his gaze, looking almost shy. Was that okay?


(I still can’t really brain right now, but ic streams are always fun! Join us at Jonnah’s theater block and watch musclely werewolves fight it out)

(I still can’t really brain right now, but ic streams are always fun! Join us at Jonnah’s theater block and watch musclely werewolves fight it out)


password is “lube” again.


Dav’s lines got redone and I started on Jonnah yesterday.

It’s about that time again!


Time for another life update.

You’ll be pleased to know that as of three weeks ago I’ve felt well enough to start writing again! :D

You’ll be disappointed to know that as of about a week and a half ago, I’ve been feeling like shit while I wean myself off some particularly strong pain meds. Like… wow… it’s just awful. And I didn’t realize at all what I’ve been feeling are withdrawal symptoms until I went to go see my doctor yesterday.

He was proud of me for having lowered my own dosage without having to tell me to do so, since addiction is always a worry with these things, but unfortunately, there’s not much he can do about the withdrawals except tell me to tough them out and recommend sleeping pills to at least help with one of my withdrawals symptoms, which was trouble sleeping no matter how weak or tired I feel.

It helped a bit last night, but now I have to lower my med intake again, so things are probably going to get rough again, though hopefully not as bad as before.

I’m still writing, what little I can manage and what little of that doesn’t turn out to be completely useless. I’m just really glad all  you haven’t abandoned me yet. Thank you so much for all of your patience.

To all my loyal followers:


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If anyone has any questions, a comment, anything, please feel free to ask me! I don’t bite! :D






I’m in a really tight place right now. My bills are coming up and due to a calculative error on my part, spending $.99 willy nilly on really cheap coffee, I’m 70 dollars in the hole. That’s right. Two overdraft fees that will come out of my check tomorrow and make me unable to pay my electricity.

I need help ASAP.

It’ll take me time to complete your commmission (ask Hazy and Chef. I’m so sorry guys i’ve got those up and I’m working on them as I go through the day) but I WILL complete them.

My prices

  • Sketch: $10image
  • Ink $20image

    (From an in progress commission)
  • Monochrome scale: $15
  • Color: $30
  • Pixel art: $15
    Animated: $20
  • Talksprite sets $20
    Animated: $25 per animated sprite
  • image
  • Porn: add $5

  • Everything is posted in USD. Paypal only (lostlittleairhead@gmail.com)
  • Reach me via ask box or email (same as above)


((sorry guys i don’t think i can continue rping tonight

i’m not in the mindset for it anymore

i’ll reply to stuff tomorrow maybe))

(that isn’t my blog above, but ditto to that sentiment)