casual reminder that i look great as a girl and that my hair is very pretty even when it’s out of control.

also that i have a lot of hair clips and my lollipop will not return.


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yeah? yeah.

wip for the cutie


look at this cute!


In fact, you do find the noises soothing. Maybe not entirely, but a helpful, calm distraction. And that’s what you needed right now so you weren’t complaining. Not that you would complain anyways.

While he’s carrying you, you hum, burrowing your face in his neck and humming just the tiniest bit because you knew you couldn’t purr and had to stop trying eventually.

"I don’t know what happened.. We were about to play a game and i just got so bluh about not mentioning it to Heiress. But I just assumed that if she wasn’t blowing up my phone with patch or doing anything online then she wasn’t available.. See, it sounds really dumb but I felt horrible. Given the circumstances.”

His humming make you smile, because you think it suits him better. He doesn’t have to try to mimic your sounds, you think you like it better that he has his own, and you try to figure out what they are and what they mean.

Sitting on the bed and holding him to you there, you start stroking his hair, massaging his scalp like you know he likes. You don’t mention that he hadn’t really invited you, either. But you actually didn’t care that you hadn’t been invited, and you know bringing that up would probably only make Loli feel worse.

"She found out and got upset? Or… you just realized you didn’t mention the game to her and upset yourself?" You needed more details to know what exactly it was you were dealing with here. "You know, the two of you don’t have to be attached at the hip, literally or figuratively. It’s not a crime if you do things on your own sometimes."


You were floating over a bunch of unpacked boxes, quickly trying to pull on some thigh highs before Jonnah got in. And once he was there, you give a little whine, floating to him and clinging to his front, despite how you were taller than him again.

"Nn. Jooooonnaah."

You wrap your arms around him without hesitation, careful not to let the wet towel hit his back or arms. You nuzzle his neck, chirping and chittering softly. You know it probably won’t sound quite as soothing to him, since he wasn’t a troll, but you hope it helps a little.

You don’t care that he’s taller than you, you help him wrap himself around you completely and you carry him further into the room, setting him down on the bed you had brought in for him just the other day.

"I’m here, Loli. You can tell me what happened."



i am hive and in my block!! home. room. whatever. your troll words sneak into my vocabulary anyways.


i’m heading over.


Message sent you get up and head towards Loli’s block, stopping in the bathroom only long enough to grab a hand towel and soak it in cold water. You knock once, but don’t wait for an answer, opening the door to let yourself in.

"I’m here."


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"The joy lies in the discovery. A user’s manual merely records these discoveries for posterity and the cowardly who are too unadventurous to explore the possibilities." Good grief. Someone should really put the two of you out of your misery right now.

"The cushion is already damaged, so a little more isn’t going to make a great deal of difference." You appreciate his compliance with your request, as you really do like this and don’t feel like needing to get another just yet with how new it is. Clothes are stupid.

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"In other words: bluh bluh, I was lying, bluh bluh." Short and sweet and to the point. You were sort of tired of this now. It was fun while it lasted, but you were going in odd circles now.

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Me: I'm going to go to bed early tonight (for me)!
Me: I'm going to try to be a little more responsible
Me: Oh shoot, I forgot to take my pain meds. I better go get a glass of water
Me: *walking down the hallway in the dark*
Me: *sees a large darker spot scuttling against the wall*
Me: ...
Me: *turns the light on*
Large Spider: *freezes in it tracks*
Me: ....................
Large Spider: ....
Me: *arachnophobic*
Large Spider: *creeps towards*
Me: ...... Helllllllllllllp????
Dad: *squishes the spider*
Large Spider: *dead*
Dad: *goes to bed*
Me: *slowly resumes trek back to kitchen for glass of water*
Hundreds of baby spiders: *scuttles free out of spider corpse*
Me: ....
Me: ....
Me: ....
Me: daaaaaaaaaaaad!
Dad: *mexican swear words*
Dad: *grabs the bug venom and goes to town covering the hallway*
Me: *sobs ans grabs a glass of water and hides in room forever*
Me: *cant sleep spiders will get me*
#blue thoughts

so much sighing